How to make my account private

I have a paid subscription and would like to make my account/profile private. I do not want my information displayed for privacy reasons. I’m unable to find this option/settings or any documentation on the subject.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi @dpitman, thanks for reaching out with your question. I’ve spoken to a few members on the team and your profile is unable to be made private. GitHub at its heart was founded to be an open source platform and provider and operates in the public sphere. In that spirit, public profiles are part of the experience of using GitHub as we believe activity is meant happen publicly which provides learning opportunities for other users, but we recognize that this factor is something you may consider when setting up a profile. I understand your privacy concerns and if you’d like to share more about your privacy reasons, I’d be happy to hear them so I can learn more about your needs. I also wanted to remind you of the areas of your profile that are public:

  • Your profile photo and username
  • Timeline of contribution activity (you can choose to display only public contributions, learn more here).
  • Public repositories you own or contribute to
  • Certain badges
  • An overview of your activity in organizations, repositories, and teams you’re most active in.
  • Repositories you’ve starred and organized into lists

If any other members have any suggestions on maintaining their privacy, feel free to add them in the conversation here!

We have the following use-case for private accounts (and maybe even private organisations):

Our organisation would like to sponsor an open source project via GitHub Sponsors.
The relevant accounts are only used for this sponsorship, and don’t provide any code or other contributions on GitHub.

Hence, we would favor doing this “anonymously”, or at least not with publicly visible accounts for people and the organisation. Because this is currently not possible, we are investigating other means to support open source projects.

I hope that this helps GitHub to understand (potential) usage of their platform.

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how about creating a GitHub Org with private members? even if the individual profiles are public, the org membership is concealed, so others will not have any idea

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