How to make GCR Organization Image Public?

As titled, we successfully pushed to GCR, however I’m not sure how to make the package public. Could someone show me where to toggle it to public? Thank you!

Hi @wei! The option to make the container public isn’t visible because the setting must be enabled on the organization. Go to the organization settings -> member privileges -> package creation, and then enable public packages.

After that, you should see the option to make it public there in the danger zone. :smiley:

Thank you for the help That was it! I was able to publish the package (as an org owner) without enabling package creation permissions in settings. It’s a little confusing but I got it!

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I ran into the same issue, and there is no obvious way of finding the way to fix the issue. The button should at least be present but disabled with a hint as to why.

Here is the related documentation for enabling public and private containers on organizations

We’re looking into a better way to present this to you when viewing the settings. Thanks for the feedback!