How to make an action appear as check on PR?

Following the guide from the GitHub Actions documentation, I’ve successfully created a basic JS action that outputs some data in the console.

Now, I am trying to make it appear in the Checks tab, as a separate item from the workflow, so that I could output the data on the right side of the section.

Looking for any suggestions on how to do this :slight_smile: Thank you!

@AleksIvanovSinglet you’ll have to use the check api to do that from your action. Example here:
trx-parser/github.ts at 7ea1c1de3da1f861dc0799b0df9a00306b100a91 · NasAmin/trx-parser · GitHub

Github provides a nice sdk for actions which the above code is using as well.

Take a look at the package.json here

Hope that helps