How to make a team inside an GitHub organization as public?

For instance, in my GitHub organization XXX, we have a team called YYY with some members.

Is it possible to make this presence of a team as public? If not, why?

Or atleast, we have made all repos of that team as public; how do we share the following publicly?

Hi gokuInc! It’s not possible to make the existence of teams public on an organization’s profile page, sorry! One of the reasons for this is that people can choose to make their membership in an organization public or private, so if you did have a public entry for the team, it might appear to be empty!

If you wanted to advertise a team publicly, and list the repos they were responsible for, you could perhaps create a GitHub Pages site to display the information you wanted to share, and have a link to that site from the org’s profile page?

I’d encourage you to check with the team members to see if they were ok with being on that site publicly, though!