How to make a github page without specifing the repository?

I made a github page at , and today I saw a page ( ) and saw that there is nothing after the /, like mine. I was wondering how this is done. Thank you.

That sounds like a user or organization page. Those work with special repository names with the pattern <username>, as described here:


Still does not work.


Well, your username isn’t discordbot_tutorial, is it? That pattern works only for the user/organization in question.

i think i get it


Do you know why is this happenning?

Probably because there is no repository on your account. Please see the documentation I linked, it’s described in detail there.

I did, and did all the steps there, no actual result, only this page

It looks like you’ve named your repository LucaForever/ GitHub only provides a single URL per account, using the account username. In your case yours would be

If you’d like to host your site directly at this URL you’ll need to rename your repository to

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