How to make a GitHub Action work for a GitHub Enterprise

I am trying to setup a GitHub action for an organization and I encountered the following error:

actions/checkout@v2 and actions/setup-java@v1 are not allowed to be used in organization/repository. Actions in this workflow must be: within a repository that belongs to your Enterprise account.

I am fairly confident that the actual action is correct since it is taken from a personal repository that I own and is regularly publishing artifacts.

It might be the case that GitHub Actions is a paid service for Enterprises and that it can be enabled per organization. Since I am not the Enterprise administrator I can’t see the details and check if this is the case. So I am not even sure which question to ask the actual Enterprise administrator.

It is also possible that something else is amiss. I have tried to find the specific error message, but without result. That is why I started this topic.

question: Is the error because GitHub Actions are not enabled for this organization?