How to List Emails of Users in Organization as a GitHub App

Hi, I’m trying to create a service that will authenticate into the GitHub API as a GitHub app and read the organization members’ email addresses.

I’ve been able to authenticate and make queries and list members of Teams within my organization. Unfortunately, when I get individual members of the team, all of their email addresses (and other personal information) is “null”.

Is it possible to get their primary email addresses? Or better yet, list all of the email addresses they have associated with their account?

I’ve seen other similar questions online and they seem to all point to the /users/email API endpoint, but as I understand, this only gets the email addresses of the currently authenticated user. I don’t think I can use that endpoint.

Is my original request possible?


It looks like the v4 GraphQL API might let me do something like what I need through organization emails. Just gonna put that out there in case anyone has the same question as me.