How to list all git commands along with options in neat fashinon?

i know the “git help -a” cmd. But i want to try all commands

all commands should be in easy to try manner:

  • git add option1
  • git add option2
  • git add option3
  • git merge option1
  • git merge option2


Hello @erjan :wave:

Thanks for stopping by the forum!
Could you please give us more context about what you are trying to do here?
Where do you want to see the command list?
What would be the purpose of doing this action?

hi ernest , finally someone responding to me!

i need to list all commands for a purpose of quick learning, i wanna try every single comand in git with every option , just to type it or see it to visually memorise it.

i want to try all the commands - punch them in the keyboard.

Thanks for that context.
While I commend your effort to understand git on a deeper level, I would not want to encourage you to memorize all the commands. It is great to get used to running commands, but even better to know where to look for them when you need them.

That being said, you can run git help to list commands and more information about git.

You may want to run git help --all specifically which
Prints all the available commands on the standard output. This option overrides any given command or guide name

Read more about the help options at