How to link to other html files in my code?

I am having trouble linking to other parts of my website. I have created these other files and already added them to the repository. However, when I click on these links on my website I get “404 File not found”. What am I doing wrong?

The syntax for links is correct. The question is: Do those files exist, with the exact same spelling (including capitalization) in the same directory as the file the links are in?

I have all my files in this repository. Is there something I am missing in here?

Looks correct to me, and your site seems to work now. Maybe it just took a while to update?

Thank you for the help. I’m going to wait a little while for it to update and try again later. Currently, when I go to my website the index.html loads up, but when I click on other html links I’m getting the 404 page not found error from github.