How to link an existing Android Studio Project to an existing repo?

Hey There,
I’m relatively new to git so please help me out.
A while ago I shared my Android Project on my GitHub and did some commits.

I had to reinstall Android Studio since my emulator would crash frequently.

The problem is I can see no option to link my Project again to that existing repo.VCS in Android Studio only seems gives an option to create a new repo and not to link with existing repo.
Can anyone please guide me how to do it?

Nevermind…figured it out myself.

@ys-git That’s great! Would you mind sharing the solution you ended up using so that future users seeing this thread and having the same problem will know what to do?


What I did is cloned my repo to Android Studio and it lets me use the same repo to commit.

It was quiet simple and now I think how silly of me to ponder on such thing for days. 

PS: Please see the screenshot.Hope it helps.



Please describe the solution as I am new to github and I am having the same problem as you had.

@ys-git Thanks so much for sharing the solution with the community!

@barkhamisra Hi and welcome! Could you please be a bit more specific why the explaination of @ys-git is not helpful for you, for example by providing more details? If your problem is (a bit) different, please open up a new topic so we can assist you better (this topic is already marked as solved so won’t get a lot of attention, and also for organizational purposes it would be handy).