How to limit the load speed of a website?

Can anyone suggest how to set a limit to the loading of the website…

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you mean, how to make it faster ?

check this out

Thanks for your reply, really appreciate your help.
Let me see if i can make it more clear.

If i have multiple type of elements over the website (ex: images, videos, 3d models).

How can i prioritise which element should load 1st and which one should load last.

In practicality, my 3d model file is about 50 mb. So i understand my website will take time to load. Hence i want that file to load after every single element is loaded so user experience will not be haulted.

Is that possible?

use Content Delivery Network, so that your web page will not contain those heavy files

the other one you can do is multi-threading

Hey @RDKPatil just taking stock of this topic to see if you were able to figure out setting a load speed for your website based on the excellent suggestions by @jdevstatic ? Thanks!

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