How to learn certain topics?

Hello guys, I am new to Github. I have basic knowledge of coding. I want to develop my skills to be able to produce start-up level projects. I would like to have some guidance about which courses I should learn on Github and which forums should I join to achieve my requirement here. Let me know if you require any further details about my coding background to direct me on the right path. 
I prefer free courses more than paid one but you can suggest me both types. 

You can learn a little of coding without paying. You can sign in to sololearn or search something like “learn to code” on youtube, but it’s difficult to improve your skills without paying. You can find many courses on udemy that dont cost a lot.

What programming languages do you know best? What are your git skills?

Ps: If you want some advice or help I can follow you in one or more project.


A good thing to know for us would be what kind of direction you want to go in. Would you like to learn how to develop:

  • Games
  • Web-applications
  • Something with big data / data science
  • Machine Learning
  • Low-level applications

or something entirely different? Let us know!