How to know who owns the repository?

We want to create an organizational github repository but it seems that it is already taken by somebody.
How can we claim ownership of the user name?

See the username policy:

If you think the account violates your trademark rights or the name squatting policy, you can contact GitHub support.

Thank you @airtower-luna ,
This might be some body in our organization registered the user name and forgot it. Is it possible to know the e-mail id of the user who created the account?
Thanks in advance.

That’s something you’ll have to ask GitHub support about. If there isn’t anything public only they can help you with that, not random other users like me on the forum. And the GitHub staffers here can’t discuss private account details in public either. :wink:

Github Support should really help you with your question. Similar questions you may have might be able to get answered by following this link: