How to keep track of visitors

How do i track that for my site (plz visit)

You can easily include Google Analytics or something like Fathom into your GitHub pages site. As far as I know, GitHub itself doesn’t really keep track of traffic.

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@nvdelpo318 I took a quick peek and I noticed you have some places for someone to sign up and authenticate. While using github as a sort of free hosting is super convenient as a security engineer I am compelled to caution you on doing this.

If you are capturing login (or any sensitive) information then it should be on a domain and servers that you control. There are still risks if you add a custom CNAME as the same base problem exists. For one github servers (which anyone with a github account can also serve content from) will be able to see and decrypt the cookies set. I could use my own (modified) version of your site for a phishing attack. I could lift credentials as they are being entered and then redirect (even login) the user so they are none the wiser.

Aside from the valid arguments @majormoses makes, you seem to be trying to use PHP for your signup form, which is not supported by GitHub pages.