How To Jumpstart User Activity?

Hey everyone,

We launched a mobile app that gets revenue mainly from ads. Usage and ad impressions were growing steadily but lately kind of plateaued. Looking for ways to jump-start user activity. Been considering a points system with levels and badges to stimulate user activity. Currently Swift 4 on a ParseOS backend but working on a React native version so we can compile to Android. Does anyone know of any libraries already designed to implement something like this (swift or react)? Thanks

Hey @subtalks, Welcome to the Community Forum! What would you be looking for the library to do? It seems like this would be something quite easy to add to a “User” class if it’s defined in Swift. Just have a point’s instance variable, some logic in the app to add points based on various actions (add it into the clicked on functions for the buttons or the like), and then a little bit more code to render a different badge on the user’s profile depending on their points.

In general, it seems like you could avoid an additional library dependency by making this yourself.