How to integrate Github with Jira Software


I just installed Github app on Jira Software. I’ve connected by Organization to it but I’m not sure how to use it? Is there any guides? I’m very new to this so figuring out how to use it.

Thank you

Hi @hocngowcg, are you trying to connect Jira cloud to GitHub?

Hello all,

I have the same question. I installed the Jira app cloud, configured, gave permissions and… nothing.

I still do not have a development panel in the issues as Jira documentation says. The only “development” link I am able to see is the default “create branch” that opens bitbucket, which obviously doesn’t have anything to do with our adventure.

I am using a free JIRA cloud tenant. I navigated repeatedly all settings and documentation that I could find, but I haven’t find the answer.

What am I missing?

Hi @hocngowcg and @Myhael76,

The integration relies on you adding Jira issue keys to your commits, pull request titles and branch names. You can find more information here:


I managed to get it working. This is a brief summary of what I did.

  • Installed Jira app on Github
  • Installed github app on Jira Cloud, then allowed Jira to access my Github and organization

To test if it works

I installed GitHub Desktop and logged in with my github credentials. You can then follow the documentation online depending on what you want to do.

I wanted to post comments so used on the summary from GitHub Desktop so I typed in AS-129 #Comment Hello

AS-129 is the jira ticket number. #Comment is the command. Hello is what I wanted to post.

and that worked for me.

I hope that makes sense. Im no developer so I tried to keep the language that a layman understands haha

Here is the link depending on what you want to do.

I found that by trial and error helped me understand it better than reading it and trying to understand it.