How to install large programs?

I depend on a program (COBALT) that needs some large files to run, such as the +250MB file at In total, one needs approx 1GB to use the program.

I understand GHA cancels the download of such a big install, such as here:

trying URL ''
Content type 'unknown' length 296721936 bytes (283.0 MB)
Error: The operation was canceled.

Still, I do need that program. How can I convince GHA to download the files I need?

As these are file needed for installation only, I prefer them not to be artifacts, so not to bother GitHub with storing large useless files.

Thanks and cheers, Richel Bilderbeek

Self-hosted runner may be the best option. That way you can setup any tooling you need outside of Github Actions. Otherwise you will spend more time trying to navigate the restrictions that the provided runners impose.

How long does the download take?

I have no issues with using a 1 GB Docker image as container, maybe that’s an option for you too. Pulling from Docker Hub is really fast. You can also try GHCR.

I noticed that the problem lies not with GitHub Actions, but with the FTP server where I download the files from.

Now I conclude that GitHub Actions does large downloads fine, if FTP servers let it.

Solved :+1: