How to install Git on macOS Catalina 10.15.5, Please help

How to install Git on macOS Catalina 10.15.5, Please help and mention the steps as my MacBook Pro doesn’t have such (Xcode … & Git), please even prescribe the authenticated link to download compatible version of Git for macOS Catalina 10.15.5, along with the steps to install. I am new to coding, so your help is sought after. Apple support customer team said its beyond their responsibilities. looking forward for your timely support. Thanks Br. JBR-JBR-104

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Do you have homebrew on your system?

If you have, you can run the following from terminal:

brew install git

That should do the job.

Hope this helps.

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doesn’t seems so; on the terminal following message gets displayed " Last login: Mon Jul 27 20:46:32 on console

The default interactive shell is now zsh.

To update your account to use zsh, please run chsh -s /bin/zsh.

For more details, please visit"

so do advice how to and from where to install home-brew, and then brew install git (please do share the link to download and install). thanks for your help and support.

You can follow the instructions in our help documentation on how to install and configure git. Those instructions point you to the official download for git for multiple platforms, including macOS. If all you want to do is install git, you can:

  1. Navigate to the macOS link there
  2. Click the link under the heading “Binary installer”
  3. Run the installer after it is downloaded

Homebrew is a great system for installing and maintaining versions of all kinds of developer tools, but if all you want is git, it’s overkill.

I hope that helps!


Thanks indeed. I have installed Git. I have set-up the User.Name & User.Email by git config --global username;
As I start to create a NEW PROJECT, I am getting following error message “Git was not detected on the system path”.
I have tried browsing to the path and get to see that the path is correct.

could you please guide further in setting up the correct path. Looking forward to hear back from you. Br.

I’m not sure why “NEW PROJECT” is emphasized here? Are you clicking some sort of button marked “new project” somewhere? If so, where is it?

as suggested by HarvardEdx verified tutorial, I have to create a New Project in RStudio, like this and get the following “message”. so please advise in selecting the path for GIT and SVN.
· RStudio --> File --> New Project --> Version Control --> Git (Create Project from Version Control) --> Error Message “Git Not Found: Git was not detected on the system path. To create projects rom Git repositories you should install Git and restart RStudio. Note that if Git is installed and not on the path, then you can specify its locationusing the Preferences dialog”.

I suggested brew because in the long run, probably it’ll be used anyway.

Anyway, if RStudio can not find git, navigate to Tools > Global Options > Git/SVN. There’ll an option Git executable. Check whether that path exists or not in a new terminal. That can be done by just trying to run that path. If exists, you’ll get git command summaries, otherwise an error message.

If it happens to be an error message and you have already installed git successfully, run which git on the terminal. Then use that output in the Git executable section.

Hope that helps.

Thanks Yarnabrina, I have revisited on setting the path on Git executable (following Tools > Global Options > Git executable > /usr/local/git/bin/git) browsed by searching Git, this git happened to be of 2017 date stamp rather than the one I had installed two days back, and this path was accepted and I could configure completely end-to-end. I didn’t look into setting up the SVN as it was shared in another post that we not need it in HarvardX Projects or it is an alternative only. could you please confirm whether Home brew has to be installed from the same download link from wherein I had installed “binary installer” that installed git version 2.15.0.

As @lee-dohm said, HomeBrew is not necessary for git. So, if you’re happy with your git installation, and don’t need any other functionality right now you can safely skip it.

On my mac, I installed homebrew using ruby script from terminal. You can find the instructions here in Install Homebrew section:

I don’t think where you downloaded your git binary matters much. But if you use the git provided by Homebrew, you’ll get the latest version 2.28.0. If that’s not really a requirement, just continue with your working setup.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: