How to install Anaconda on GitHub actions

How to install Anaconda on GitHub actions?

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Can you provide a link or some context?

Anything you can do via the cli you can do in an action.

To provide some context, I need to install some packages for my project. One of these packages is Boost. On macOS I use brew to install packages and brew is already installed on the macOS runner. So brew install boost will install Boost on macOS. Now I also need to install Boost and other packages on both Windows and Linux and I use conda install on my machines. However I don’t think conda is already installed when I run a GitHub action. So I need to first install conda. So my questions is how do I do that? Is there an action to install conda?

I guess a more direct question is: Can someone point me to GitHub repos that use conda on a GitHub action?

Can’t you just do something like:

    - name: Install dependencies
      run: npm install -g markdown-link-check

That’s how I install tools/dependencies in most of my Github actions.

As you asked you can probably find a ton of examples searching GitHub:*.yml

Thanks! I never tried to use npm to install C++ tools/dependencies. I always assumed that npm is to install JS dependencies, ins’t it? But I will give it a try.

Thanks for the GitHub searching tip. It is really helpful.

It doesn’t have to be npm, you can use apt, snap, flatpak, chocolatey, brew, powershell, yum, rpm, etc whatever fits your requirement.

Anything you can do via the cli you can do in an action or workflow.

The npm thing was just an example.

Do you need Anaconda in production? That’s a bad idea since it will provide developer toolkits in production. You don’t need it there.

Anyway, this is the Anaconda installers download webpage:

In the YAML file, place a command to get a specific file, i.e: 64-Bit (Power8 and Power9) Installer (285 MB)