How to Index node_modules for search

In cerebral/cerebral we use the node_modules directory to set up a monorepo. This works quite great as it uses the automatic linking ability which node give this folder.
The only problem is that some tools are ignoring node_modules folders by default.
It seems that Github also ignore node_modules folders for indexing. When making a search in the Cerebral code no results from ‘packages/node_modules’ appears. And this is the directory which contains most of the code.
Even adding ‘path: packages/node_modules’ to the search does not help. No results in that case.
Is it possible to add the ‘packages/node_modules’ folder to the indexed directories?

Hello there!

We do not index node modules at the moment because Linguist classifies them as machine generated. There’s currently no way to override this, but our search team is always exploring adding more data to the search index, and this is definitely on their radar.

Thanks for the question. I’m sure that’s not the answer you’re looking for but I hope that helps in some way.