How to increase the mobile speed score?

Help Needed?
Hello Everyone… This is my blog how to increase the speed score in mobile as per
Google Speed Tools?
I am newbie…

A few ideas …

Some possibly useful pointers / links.

It’s a huge page for starters (1620 DOM elements!!! 587K!). Do whatever it takes to make it smaller.

Shrink and optimize your images. Many images are show smaller/cropped - do it beforehand. Google Speed Tools points out your “best miter saw” image is the slowest painting item.

Consider splitting out into multiple pages - e.g. each review/buyer’s guide item could be on a separate page; each section (types, reviews, faqs) could be separate pages.

I don’t see any apparent use in the page of the referenced apis (google maps, instagram, twitter, etc) - toss it if you’re not using it.

Follow the suggestions in Google Speed Tools - toss unused CSS, javascript.

A very busy, disorganized page. What’s your focus? Start there, emphasize/highlight the focus in the smallest fashion possible, and allow the user to travel to other parts, elsewhere, based on their interest.