How to increase rate limit of the API?

Hello there,

I am using this endpoint${githubIdOrLogin}. Right now, it has 60 API calls/hour. I want to increase that. How to do that.
This is my code for the API call:

export const getGitHubUserData = async (githubIdOrLogin) => {
  return fetch(`${githubIdOrLogin}`, {
    headers: { Accept: "application/json" },
  }).then((res) => {
    if (!res.ok) {
      const err = new Error()
      err.response = res
      if (res.status === 403 && res.headers.get("X-RateLimit-Remaining") === "0") {
        const resetsAtMS = Number(`${res.headers.get("X-RateLimit-Reset")}000`)
        err.message = `Rate limit exceeded, try again in ${Math.ceil(
          (resetsAtMS - / 60000
        err.code = "github/rate-limit-exceeded"
        err.resetsAt = resetsAtMS
      } else if (res.status === 404) {
        err.message = `Could not find user data for github:${githubIdOrLogin}`
        err.code = "github/not-found"
      } else {
        // add other cases if you want to handle them
        err.message = `Unexpected status code: ${res.status}`
        err.code = "github/unknown"
      return Promise.reject(err)
    return res.json()

Anyone please help me with this.

Basically: Make the API calls with authentication. According to the “rate limiting” section of the API documentation 60 is the limit for unauthenticated requests. The limits for authenticated users are significantly higher.

How do you get authenticated though?

You send a token in the Authorization header. That’s assuming you’re working server-side, you absolutely shouldn’t make your token available to users’ browsers.