How to increase my project visibility when searching on Github

I have a project that I would like to share with as many people as possible. I update the project at least once a month. I’ve made sure to add a relevant tags to my project and to have a good description for my project.

However, whenever I search for the most relevant keywords on github, either my project does not show up at all or shows up on the 7th or 8th page. Way behind other projects that either have a lot less activity, or are not as relevant.

Is there something I can do to make my project more visible when people are searching on github?

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Hey there @jmfernandes ! Hope you’re keeping well out there in the real world but happy to assist, here.

Only the repository name and description are searched, unless you use the in: qualifier. So I would recommend adding keywords you think are interesting to your description but also to your README. These are the spaces that should help elevate your project when searching GitHub.

If those examples don’t feel like enough, would you mind linking to the repo you’re concerned with?

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@nethgato sure, the repo is my robin_stocks repo at

Thanks for the advice. As far as I can tell I am using the same keywords as everyone else in my description, but I may be missing some stuff from my README.

Just as a note, when searching through Google, my repository shows up as one of the top results. It’s just through the GitHub search that it doesn’t show up.

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Ta, @jmfernandes – your project is awesome! :bow:

Since the description and README are the only searchable sources for GitHub, it isn’t that shocking that there’s disparity with Google results.

Adding keywords to your README, seems like the only suggestion I could make from here.

Hopefully, being empowered with that information is enough, but if there’s any remaining concern, let us know!