How to include code from github into html file

Hello guys.

I am incredibly new to GitHub and although I watched many youtube videos I am still struggling to understand the site. I am currently trying to develop a website that has products on how to prevent Covid-19 from spreading. I am trying to include an interactive Covid-19 map link: in my HTML code however I do not know how to do so because it is not an ?API? I am still confused with all of this and I was wondering if one of you kind souls could please help me.


Hi there! :wave: Welcome to the Community!

Can you provide a few more details? What I’m understanding is that there is a map somewhere in the following repository:

And you would like to embed that map in a webpage in a repository on your account, Is it this map or something else?

One way to do this might be to use an iframe (see, but if you can provide a bit more information, someone here should be able to help a bit more!

Hi tmetz, thank you sooo much for getting back to me. Yes you got it right. My apologies, I am still very new to github and I have having trouble getting used to the site. I am currently trying to download the code stevenliuyi used for his “map” so I can use the code in a webpage I am creating (giving credit to him of course). However I am struggling to do so. I honestly do not know how. I am also trying to upload my folder so that I can use it in heroku. I know there is a separate git program that I have on my computer for uploading large files but I am very confused on what to do.

Btw my code for my webpage is under

Thank you for the help