How to implement Django dynamic model field that end user can edits?

I am working on an inventory solution for a warehouse, where there is a requirement to allow the user to add additional fields during run time and each user will track different fields.  The database also needs to adapt.  The application will be used in the future without developer support. I have started using Django (very new to it) to build the app because I wanted to leverage python capabilities later in the application. I was originally using PostgreSQL. Then I realized, I am unable to modify the model until I made migration and did run server. I read online json can be used but didnt understand how . After research online, I found that to do dynamic model I should use Django-nonrel with mangoDB. This project seems to be very outdated now. I have also tried package called Djongo for mangoDB. Not sure how to use it for creating dynamic fields. Also when I try to save the data, I am getting python errors. Does someone have an example or know of a library that is not outdated and easy to implement or other useful input?

Thank you

I essentially want a form builder for each user, that saves the forms created and covert it database Schema. Later displaying it into a table that they can edit. Maybe this can be done outside of Django somehow.