How to implement an "after success" action?

I have a workflow that builds my application on multiple versions of node (using matrixes), and because it uses matrixes, it generates one job for each node version. I’d like to set up another workflow to release the app, which will only run if the branch is master, and after all jobs generated by the build workflow are successful.

Am I able to do that with Github Actions?

I know I can do so with travis ci, using the job lifecycle “after_success”, so I was curious if something similar was possible using actions…

Hi @gabrielduartem ,

I notice that you had reported a same quetion in another ticket ( And this ticket has a marked solution that adding a release job after the build job and set condition for the release job to run only when the branch is master.

Is that solution helpful for you? Do you have any other questions about this ticket?

It’s solved, sorry for that, I posted again because the other question was flagged as spam for some reason, and after I posted this again the flag on the other question got removed, so I ended up with two posts for the same question :sweat_smile:

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