how to ignore #*# and .* files

How to ignore

#*# - emacs lock files (e.g.

.* - hidden files created by system (e.g .__afs2343)

so that git looks also into subdirectories?

When using e.g.

git rm --cached #*#

the subdirectories are ignored.

Hi @vveckaln,

Thank you for being here! Is this post informational or do you have a question? Apologies for not getting the context right away.

That is a question

Thanks for the clarification, I hope that I’m understanding the question correctly. If I understand what you’d like to accomplish is to recursively add an entire tree structure including those ignored, in this case git add --all should do the trick. 

Additionally, another way to add a batch of files using ** syntax or wildcard patterns. For example: 

git add **/*.js would add all js files including those in subdirectories.