How to Identify People with Merge Privileges for a Particular Repo

Is there a quick and easy way to just “look up” who within a GitHub Organization has Merge privileges for a particular repo? I know I can click on the ‘Pull Requests’ tab for a repo and get a very LONG list of all past PRs and then click through each and every single individual PR to then see the Username of the person who did that Pull Request’s merge, but when you have 50+ pages of PR history with 25 PRs per page, this is a wholly inadequate way to identify who within the organization can perform a merge for a certain repo. There MUST be an easier way of accomplishing this seemingly simple task?

Thanks in advance.


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Try going to the main screen of the org, clicking on people, and then clicking on a certain person. You should se something like @usernamehere has admin permission on this repo(figure 1.1).

This doesn’t work since that screen is only visible to admins in the organization.

As far as I’m aware of, it’s not possible for non-organisation members to view the permissions of organisation members. If you’ve got the time, you can quite often go to an organization’s most popular repositories and see who’s made the commits to find out.

I don’t know of an easy way to do it… for personal repos (i.e. non-organisations) you could see if a particular user has a “Collaborator” badge.

For instance (and as a bit of immodesty), I’ve push/merge privileges for firejail although I’m not the owner. You can see the “Collaborator” badge anytime I or any other collaborator comment on an issue or pull request.

People without merge privileges will have a “Contributor” badge if they’ve previously contributed code through a merged pull request.