How to hide or disable "Issues" view on github topics pages?

The Issues tab/view of repos on topics makes exploring new projects difficult.

I like to browse topics to _explore _and discover new projects and topics. The Issues tab/view obscures relevant top-level information about a project, instead showing a preview of a single issue on the repo. The issues view does not give me any information of interest–instead just causing a frustrating UX where I need to open the repo in a new tab to understand what it is about.

Please see the screenshot from the page for reference:

Code view
Repos that are on the original “Code” tab provide all the info necessary to grok the project’s contents and purpose. For example, from the description of “AtsushiSakai/PythonRobotics”, I can assume it is a repository containing "python sample codes for robotics algorithms, from the topics that “python” “robotics” and “algorithm” are key parts of the repo, and from the language indicator that it is mostly in notebooks.

Issues view
“hybridgroup/gobot” is unfortunately in Issues view, and it is not clear to me, as the user, what the project is about, why it is featured in ‘robotics’ topics, or why I should be concerned with the featured Issue.

I don’t know anything about “gobot,” so why should I be concerned with one user’s need to use the gobot framework to leverage “MQTTbot events” to control the “TelloBot Driver”?

I would rather know **what** gobot is about.

Here is another example, the top repo in

_ What is marktext? _

How to disable “Issues”?
I would like to only see the “code” view (how topics used to be), and not see Issues or any other tab.

How can I display topics in this manner?

NOTE: this post is a reproduction of an issue from , but those issues are all stale and apparently unmaintained.

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Hi @evdcush!

Thanks for sharing your experience and this amazing detail! We have received other feedback such as this.  I’ve taken your suggestions and passed it along to the appropriate teams for consideration.

I don’t have an ETA on when or if this request will be implemented, but as we consider every suggestion we receive, this is in good hands.