How to hide branch to pull and merge

I have to make a forum as an assignment for school, and started with a dev and design folder. I now have 3 branches: development (for developing, was dev), master (which is linked to my hosting to upload) and design which I don’t need to change anymore. My question was if I could hide design from pushed branches to merge, because I don’t need it anymore.

Thanks in advance!

Hi and welcome @tkturbo ,

You mean the yellow-ish prompts that pop up on your repository that say " You recentely pushed branch xxx, would you like to make a pull request?"? Those just disappear after a few minutes/hours (I don’t really know how long).

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But how about making sure I don’t accidently merge it any other way? Like locking the branch, is that a thing?

Nope, not that I know of. Just don’t create a PR for it and merge that PR (even then, you can revert it).

You are able to prevent incoming chanes though: