How to Handle a Single Local Repository on a Dual-boot Computer?

I’m using git on a dual-boot computer (Windows 10 Pro and Linux). I’d like to be able to maintain a single local repository from either OS. Eventually, I’ll be adding FreeBSD into the mix and I’d like to maintain the same local repository from there as well.

However, I’m unsure what the procedure is for both set-up and maintenance.

The only thing I’m able to even guess at is this:

Any time I make an add/commit/push from one OS, I’ll have to reboot into the other(s) and do a pull.

But as for how to get it all going, I don’t know. My original install of git, and the original repo, was on Windows. From Linux, the repo is visible but is there a record of the add/commit/push-es I’ve done already from Windows? How do I tell Linux git that this is an active repo?

I’m confused.

(bump) No one’s ever done this?

Bump, I too am also wanting to implement something similar. I have a dual boot Win 10 and Ubuntu 18.04 with a shared file system.

The only thing that I presume is that actually you don’t need to do anything: I assume local changes are saved in the .git folder. As long as this the same in both OSs surely there should be no problem?

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