How to greet the profile visitor (in profile README)

I am aware that exists a Greetings automation workflow to greet an user for pull requests and issues.

With the recent excitement about the new profile README feature, I wonder if it is possible to do something similar: to greet an user visiting our profile.

Thank you

Hi @maxdevjs - how would that be done? In a pop up window?

I think we’d be reluctant to allow you to run code on every random visitor to your profile, sorry! (Although maybe allowing people to play their choice of music on page load would be a fun tribute to the MySpace era! :wink:)


Hi @yamiacat, thank you for the reply.

The idea was not to be intrusive, collect data or whatever. I just thought a personalized greeting to profile visitors would be kind :slight_smile:

Your suggestion brings me to the next curiosity: how to embed a working playlist, a little (random?) game, etc :smiley:


You can potentially have elements of your profile link to external services that, in turn, can make API calls to update the profile!

One of the GitHub engineers, @jasonetco, has made a working guestbook people can sign!

The code for it is here: