How to give Triage and Maintain roles to a team member

According to the link below, I should be able to choose a “Triage” and “Maintain” role for people in my repository.

Permission levels for repositories owned by an organization 

However, it seems I can only give “Read”, “Write”, or “Admin” roles. Is there some place to enable “Triage” and “Maintain” roles?

Hi @cmeyer,

Thank you for being here!  The triage and maintain roles are available only to organizations on GitHub Free, GitHub Team, or GitHub Enterprise Cloud. I’m afraid they’re not available in repositories owned by a personal account. You’ll have to transfer any repository in which you’d like to use the roles to an organization:

Private repositories free for organizations with unlimited collaborators, so this may be a good option for you:

My account is a paid account (GitHub Bronze) on an organization (nion-software). Shouldn’t that work?


My account is a paid account (GitHub Bronze) on an organization (nion-software). Shouldn’t that work?

Do I need to downgrade immediately for “Free” to get it to work? That seems silly.

Thanks for the follow back @cmeyer. I know is a bit confusing and will pass on this feedback to the team. In short the answer is yes.

The following guide outlines how to move from your current legacy organization plans to GitHub Free:

And this guide explains the slightly different steps required to upgrade from a legacy plan to GitHub Team:

Here you’ll find a list of features to which you’d lose access by downgrading from a legacy plan to GitHub Free:

If you move from a legacy plan to Team you’ll switch from per-repository billing to per-user billing (with each member and collaborator billed at a rate of $4 per seat, per month) while gaining access to the following features for private repositories:

  • 3,000 GitHub Actions minutes
  • 2GB GitHub Packages storage
  • Draft pull requests
  • Autolinked references and URLs
  • Fine grained permissions (triage and maintain)
  • Repository insights graphs: Pulse, contributors, traffic, commits, code frequency, network, and forks

Hi @andreagriffiths11
In a “Github Free” Organization, I don’t see the “triage” and “Maintain” roles for people in the organization when clicking on “Change Role” in the per user dropdown menu with a gear symbol on the right in the organization user list Capture d’écran de 2020-08-12 11-51-30

I want some users to be able to merge PR to protected branches (master) using

without configuring teams or individual users.

Is this normal ? Is this the best way to do it ?

Thanks in advance