How to get unshadowbanned?

I’m not confident anyone will see this. Github has shadowbanned my account immediately upon creation. When I create an issue, it is visible to me, but nobody else. Sending a direct link to the issue to a friend, they get a 404 error. Github has refused to give me any reason for this ban. Shadowbanning is appalling in any case, but worse still to a brand new account without any reputation. I contacted Github, but have not received any response.

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have you tried to login in another browser or a private tab?

When I sign in using a private tab, or a different browser, I am still shadowbanned. I do not see how it could help to change my own browser, when the problem I have is that Github censors my posts from everyone else’s browser.

Hey @anon098034545636, Thanks for being here! I suggest getting in contact with private support as these sorts of account-related issues cannot be resolved via the Community forum. 

Hi @anon098034545636, Thanks for being here. I wish I had a better answer for you, however, you’ll need to reach out to private support via the contact form at with the info for help with this. We are unable discuss specific account details in the public forum.