How to get the same look and feel in the page like in the /main/

hi there

i have created a github-page: see zero | FSJ-Digital - 2021/22 the program… (or at least some insights ;)

i have added some text with - some little tiny images - note;: they look pretty in the readme view - like here

see the image:

but they (i.e. the images) look a bit awful in the pages view - see below;:


why is this so !? What can i do"!?
should i change the theme!?

Look forward to hear from you


Hi there @fsj-digital ! On my side, it looks fine as a webpage, too:

What I suspect is happening here, is that GitHub replaces the emoji when rendering it inside of the Markdown viewer. When, however, you visit the webpage your own webbrowser is responsible for rendering the emoji. On macOS (what I’m using), that works fine as those emoji’s display well. I suspect that you might be running Linux and don’t have a proper emoji font installed. To confirm this, check your site on a macOS/Windows laptop or iOS/Android device. To fix the problem, install a proper emoji font on your Linux machine.

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