How to get the same list of repos as the GitHub "Customize your pins" feature?

I’m trying to get the same list of repos for the authenticated user as what I get when I go to my profile and click “Customize your pins”. Either GraphQL or the REST API is fine.

I’m currently using this API call but it does not return the same list of repos. In fact, it seems to return some repos that are not in the first list, and omit others that are. I can’t figure out its logic. but the repos shown by the actual Github button make a lot more sense as “my repos”. The API call includes a repo with a ton of other contributors that I’m just an org member, and omits a repo under an organization I’ve started, which used to be under my name and I’m its owner by all accounts.

Does anyone know what algorithm that button is using to fetch repos? And if there’s an API call that will give me the same result?