How to get the newest version of the code from the repo?

Sorry, it’s a silly question. I did read the manual. I did try to search in google.
Git is just so complex that the simple stuff is actually hard to see.

My problem:

  • I updated my code… git add, git commit, git push, pull request, merge…
  • Now, the repo from which my users are cloning is updated… OK!

But when they do ‘git pull’, nothing happens! “Already up to date.” (I should add that my users are even more clueless about git than me)

  • What should the users who cloned my repo do, to get the new code?

Hi @draxdomax - thanks for your question - it’s not silly at all!

Your users may need to do a git fetch to pull down all the changes from your upstream repo to their repository. git fetch will pull down changes from all remote repos.

For more info see git-fetch