How to get the description or name from a release in actions

I am trying to figure out if it is possible to get the name or description of a release in one of my actions. So far, i haven’t seen anything, but i could be missing something simple.

Hey @oroarmor and welcome back! As you can read here it’s possible to obtain the release tag by using the GITHUB_REF environment variable, which is there by default.

Also, actions like these may be helpful in obtaining this information.

It’s not clear from your question whether you want to retrieve the release info for the release that triggered a workflow, or if you want to get release metadata using a workflow with no direct relation to the release.

For the latter case, I found various actions in the marketplace that appear to be able to either list the latest release, a specific release or all releases:

If none of them does what you require, then you also use the REST API to retrieve whatever information you need. actions/github-script is quite helpful for simple API requests.