How to get site_admin scope for OAuth App?


I been looking at the documentation for enterprise admin endpoint:

here: understanding-scopes-for-oauth-apps

and here: enterprise-admin

It sounds like I should be able to get the site_admin scope when trying to get an access token with an OAuth app, but I can’t seem to get it to work.

Here is an example of what I think should work:<my-app-id>&redirect_uri=<my-redirect-url>&scope=site_admin

(I also tried it with the ‘:’ as shown on the second link)

The Authorization screen does not ask me to confirm the scope, and upon retrieving my access token it doesn’t report the site_admin scope. I have got other scopes working, and I have been able to access the enterprise endpoint with a Personal Access Token. 

If anyone knows how to do this it would be much appreciated.

Hey @fei0x!

I’m not sure about this off the top of my head, would you mind writing into with your question, where we can route it to someone that can be more helpful than myself?


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will do. thanks.