How to get rid of / in `Hello-World/.git` displayed in gitweb?

I have a git server running with gitweb as my frontend. I noticed that there’s a forward slash in my project name Hello-World/.git which is annoying me. To clone the project I also have to include the forward slash, which is not ideal. Full disclosure: I don’t know if it’s a git or gitweb issue.

my issue

how I’d like my projects to be displayed

For those that can’t open images. I’d like to change Hello-World/.git to Hello-World.git. Displaying as Hello-World on gitweb and cloning with Hello-World.git similar to github would be even better. I am running my server behind nginx.

Steps to reproduce :

I simply

git clone

 and manually moved the Hello-World folder to my git repo directory. I was suggested to clone with --bare option because gitweb assumes all repo are initialized as bare. Is this true? If so cloning Hello-World.git fails to get inside the repo, which is inconvenient.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any recent experince with gitweb. I suspect that this issue is caused by how you configured the gitweb server in that you’re serving the project out of the /path/to/repos/Hello-World/.git directory instead of the /path/to/repos/Hello-World directory? But that’s just a stab in the dark.

Let us know if you have more questions.