How to get my GitHub news feed via email?

GitHub allows us to subscribe to our personal news feed through RSS, as shown in the following image:


However, I would find it more convenient to get my news feed via email, in the same fashon as the email notifications that I get from the repositories that I’m watching. This would allow me to stay in the loop better, since many commits from the repo owner go unnoticed as they never get sent to me.

  • Has anybody faced this before?
  • Does anybody know how to receive the news feed via email?
  • Why aren’t the commits from the repo owner notified by default when watching a repo?

Something like this would maybe work, since the notification feed is also availible as a RSS feed:

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Hi Mark,

Thank you for your answer. I was already looking into that kind of solution. My experience so far using the IFTTT applet hasn’t been very satisfying since for some reason the links in the GitHub news feed don’t work properly when they are sent via email, but now at least I’m getting an email whenever there is new activity. Of course, this involves putting a third party such as IFTTT in between and handing them over my private feed, which is somehow bizarre.

Still, I don’t understand why GitHub doesn’t offer an option to enable notifications whenever any commits are made to a repo that I’m watching. In my opinion such a feature should be available.

Some people have already been looking for this feature in the past:

Watch commits made to followed GitHub repositories in the dashboard

Hi @acebrianjuan,

We would love to learn more details. For now, the best way to submit a feature request is via our contact page ( GitHub Staff working in the Forum will see and respond to those requests there.

That said, I do want to share that we are working on a new tool and process for submitting these sorts of things for the Community Forum (and for This is still in the investigative stage, and I don’t have a timeline to share, but we are planning on improving this process.

We also recognize the desire for feature requests to be visible to other users, commented on, and even voted on. These are all things that we are taking into consideration when looking at implementing a new process.

Thank you so much for the feedback! I encourage you to send your feature request via the contact form linked above. Looking forward to hearing from you.