How to get list of PRIVATE repositories of an organization

We are trying to access a repositories list (including public and private) for organizations. For this we have created a GitHub App in a organization and we have given read permissions to everything. We try to make the following call by passing it the Oauth 2.0 token:{org}/repos
where “org” is the name of the organization.

We have also tried with {type: all} and {type: private}

Hope you can help me access all repositories, thanks.

Hey @Pcamachoc :wave:

For this, you will want to make sure you’re using an OAuth App with a key that has the repo scope defined:

Though I assume that you are hoping to limit the permissions this token is provided. At this time, only the repo scope will list private repositories.

If you would like to submit feedback on this limitation, I would request that you submit your feedback here:

Hope you keep well in the meantime! :crossed_fingers: