How to get github users from city using Github REST API?


I am working on an app and I need to get all the projects of all github users that live in a given city using the GitHub Rest API v3:


Now I know I can get all the users with the following url:

And once I have a user, I can get all his repos and info from there.


The problem is that I don’t know how to filter those users by city!
I have tried adding a paramter location=London but it always returns the same, probably because this is not the real parameter…

Another option would be to get all the github users from the world, and then filter them by city … which would be totally insane.

The best option I found so far was to use this link:

However, this link is the web version, which does not use the REST API.


How do I get all the users from a given city using the Github REST API? does mention a  location parameter. Have you looked into that?