How to get GitHub Sponsors payout history via API?


I need to retrieve the GitHub Sponsors payout history via an API endpoint.
Basically, I want to get the amounts and dates of the last payouts to fill my tax form.

I looked at the GitHub GraphQL API reference and, while there are some resources related to Sponsors, I couldn’t find any information on the payouts.

I contacted Stripe support, and here is what they said:

I’ve taken a look at your account, and I can see that it is actually being managed by the Platform GitHub. While you do have a Stripe account, Github is in charge of this account, and they’re the best resource to help you with any issues you may have with the API."

I guess there must be a way to get this information via the Stripe Connect API, but I wonder if I can access it with my credentials.

Does anyone know if this is possible?
Any guidance or pointer would be appreciated.


Hi! Do you specifically need it via an API or are you looking to get the transaction history in general (I see that the documentation you linked to doesn’t mention the transactions)?

It’s available as an export (CSV or JSON) from your dashboard (Dashboard → Your Sponsors → Export) and from there you can select a date range and to include tax information.

Thank you for your answer, @jlord.

I’m specifically looking for an API or at least something that I can automate.

I checked the export feature, and I confirm that it could solve my problem since it includes all the transactions in a given period.
Unfortunately, this data doesn’t seem to be accessible from the API.
Even if I could automate the click on the export button, I wouldn’t get the results because the report is delivered by email.