How to get GitHub Pages URL via GraphQL API v4

I’m creating a portfolio page that pulls repositories by owner and lists details about it: description, forks, stars, etc. I also want to pull demo links if the repo uses GitHub pages. So what I want is Github Pages URL, if it exists.

In v3, looks like that info was accessible:, ‘html_url’

in v4, I don’t see that field for repos:

Is there a way to get that info via GraphQL? I’ve got a functional query that pulls all other info, and I’d like to just add it instead of trying to use both v4 and v3 to query.

My current query:

	github {
		repositoryOwner(login: "MYUSERNAME") {
				first: 8
				orderBy: { field: STARGAZERS, direction: DESC }
			) {
				edges {
					node {
						stargazers {

Hi @davidkensell!

Pages information is currently not available in the v4 API - if you need it for a project, I would recommend making a request to the REST API currently. 

I know this isn’t a great answer - I’ve opened an issue internally about adding it, and we’ll look at prioritizing it.