How to get all inputs from an GH action without knowing input names?

Is it possible to receive all inputs (in JavaScript Action) out of the GitHub action?
I understand this is possible to do when all inputs are predefined and input names are known, you just use 'core.getInput(“input-name”). What I am looking for is something along the lines of core.getAllInputs(), with an array as a result.
Or at least something like core.getAllInputNames(), with an array of all input names, so I can loop over that and get each individual input.

What core.getInput() does is take the provided string, substitute spaces with underscores, convert to uppercase, prepend INPUT_, and then use this string to look up an environment variable:

Therefore, you should be able to determine all input names by filtering the environment variables:

let inputs = Object.keys(process.env).filter(e => e.startsWith('INPUT_'))

Or for an object of inputs:

let inputs = {}
for (let [k,v] of Object.entries(process.env)) {
  if (k.startsWith('INPUT_')) {
    inputs[k] = v;

This is what I’m doing:

This isn’t quite JavaScript as I think about it, but it does what I need.