How to get actual User in "Issues"


I was looking for how to get the actual user account name who added each comment in “Issues”. Typically Webhook delivery shows ONLY the creator of Issues under “Issues” - “users” and and I can get it from API.
I want my application works based on these comments.
For example,

  • userid1 created Issues in the repo

  • userid2 added his comment to this Issue.

  • userid3 added his comment to this Issue.
    I need to get userid2 & userid3 from JSON.

I guess this might be not what github supports at the moment.

Much appreciate. 

If you want to be notified when issue comments are created, you can subscribe to the issue_comment webhook or event. And in the payload for the issue comment event, the user who commented is under comment.user.

I hope that helps!

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