How to get actions run ID from git ref or check suite ID?

I’m working on some tooling that needs to check whether a given ref has had all the expected checks succeed. I need to check via the API that for a given ref (which might not be recent enough to be on the first page of workflow runs) that a given checklist of workflows executed successfully.

The information returned by GET /repos/{owner}/{repo}/commits/{ref}/check-suites
doesn’t appear to include the actions run ID.

If I GET /repos/{owner}/{repo}/check-suites/{check_suite_id} the response doesn’t include the actions run ID there either.

How am I supposed to find the actions run ID(s) for a given git ref, so that I can verify in detail which actions have run/succeeded? (Going based solely on the “name” that appears in the check run is not precise enough.)

I suspect you could ask the v4 API.

w/ the v3 API, you can start at

Technically you can correlate that to:

But, I don’t think I’d bother, since the runs api gives you the head_sha directly.

I’m actually in the market for something in this area, but I haven’t gone through all the steps to develop what I need (I think I was looking to see if I could update a check run and set a replacement status).

For my reference a workflow_url of:

takes me somewhere useful a workflow– in that it actually gives me the path of the workflow file that was running (something I’ve wanted for a while).