How to get a response from GitHub

I created this account and post because I can’t login to my real GitHub account. So far I have created at least three tickets which have all gone unanswered. How do I get help from GitHub? I have an account and email, when I try to log in I am prompted for a device verification code but the code never is sent… Send me a code so I can recover my account please!

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Device Verification tickets will have to handled by email support. How long have you been waiting? Do you have a ticket reference so I can check and make sure it’s in the right queue?

Thank you for the reply. The ticket IDs and month they were created are listed below. The only response I have gotten so far was a follow up survey questionnaire asking me how my experience has been.

April - 643847
June - 729301
October - 846377

I’ve just checked all of those and there have been multiple replies sent. If you’re not receiving them, I would encourage you to open a ticket using a different email address (using a different email provider). Your email server must be rejecting the replies for some reason.

Feel free to ask me to confirm that we’ve received your new ticket!


Thank you for helping. I have followed your instructions and created a new ticket.

Ticket ID: 859137

Awesome! Thanks for opening that new ticket.

If this works with the new email address, please add your other email address to your account and verify it. That means that when you have to provide verification again, the email is more likely to reach you.

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