How to get a project's pending cards?

I tried to use the API at GET [\_id/cards]( with the inertia-preview accept header, but I get:

"message": "If you would like to help us test the Projects API (pending cards) during its preview period, you must specify a custom media type in the 'Accept' header. Please see the docs for full details.",
"documentation_url": ""

There’s no mention of this API in the docs or of how to get pending cards.

The problem is that I cannot get the ID of a pending card through the API, and the API will not allow me to create a duplicate one, so I’m stuck.


Hi @fermayo,

Thanks for reaching out! We don’t supply a way to do this via the REST API I’m afraid, however you can use GraphQL. via pendingCards.

Thanks for the reply @andreagriffiths11 

Will it ever be supported, or new features like this will only get implemented on the GraphQL API from now on?

That’s a great question I honestly do not know the answer to, I’ll ask the team post any updates here.

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